Staying Productive During an Office Move

Whether your office is moving to a new building across town, or simply being relocated to a different floor, the process can be a stressful one. The main worry is often a loss of productivity for the business. Yet there are some simple steps that can be taken to minimise this as well as making the whole thing a little easier.

The two most important things to have in any change of circumstances are organisation and communication. They will make for a smoother transition, as well as maximising the time you have to get things done. Planning and preparation should include a detailed map of the new office that shows each and every plug socket, connection point and layout of furniture. Emails, meetings and notifications informing everyone of what will be happening enables them to plan their workload and enhances the team as a whole.

The more you do before the office move, the more quickly business will return back to normal afterwards. Do not overlook the small things, like clearing out your desk draws in plenty of time, making sure every piece of paper is filed, and above all, labeling as much as you can.


How to Make Your Office Green for 2013

If your company has just moved into a new office, or is thinking about doing so, then now is the perfect time to go green. Environmental awareness is something that is frequently banded about these days, but despite its misrepresentation as a kitsch fad, it really is worth addressing. Quite simply, it just makes sense. Not only is it important that we all do our bit for the planet we live on, but going green really will save you money in the long run.

Of course there are great lengths to which you can go in order to significantly reduce a carbon footprint. But there are also so many small ways to effectively make a difference, without compromising your business or lifestyle. If anything, it will be enhanced. Most of it is just commonsense, so here are a few basic suggestions to get you on your way to a greener office.


Advice for keeping your Office Move Stress Free

Relocating your office space is an extremely daunting task. There are a huge variety of things to consider, preparations to make and details that need sorting both during and after the move. There’s a great deal to remember too, so you can always try this handy Office Removals Checklist. Organising office removals is no easy task but by ensuring you stick to our advice you can ensure the process will be as smooth as possible.


Moving with Matrix Polymers in Northampton

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Transporting equipment to Germany for the Eurobike Show

Xpress Relocation have recently been in Germany, providing our dedicated vehicle travelling service for the Eurobike Show. Carrying out work for cycling equipment specialists Madison, the Xpress Relocation team were responsible for transporting high-spec mountain bikes from Milton Keynes to the exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Two members of the Xpress team performed the job over…


Helping children in Milton Keynes

Xpress Relocation are sponsoring an event which seeks to help children in Milton Keynes via live circus shows. Circus Starr runs professional circus performances in 75 towns and cities around the UK, raising funds for local charities. They are coming to Milton Keynes on 12 October, providing 1,000 free tickets for children who would not…