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We all know how important first impressions can be, and the presentation of your office is no different to help create the right perception in the mind of your customers, clients and staff from the start.

At Xpress we have first-hand knowledge of how a clean office environment can make a big difference to creating that perfect first impression of professionalism.  After all, whether it’s the finishing touch to your new office move or a way of maintaining a fresh and modern working space, a clean office goes a long way to endorsing your brand and making your staff feel proud to work there and be part of it all.

We know how much hard work goes into planning and executing an efficient office move, but we also recognise how important it is to have a clean and tidy office to show for it. It’s easy to think that relocating your office and all the things that go with it is the final product of your office move, but in the eyes of your customers, clients and staff it’s the new working environment you have to show for it that really matters.

At Xpress we can help you with every aspect of your office move – from planning and storage, to moving and cleaning. Our new office cleaning service is available as part of our complete move management package or as a stand-alone service. So whether you need a one-off office clean at any time, your old office cleaned out, or a consistent office cleaning contract, we can help.

office cleaing

Xpress now offers a complete move management package that includes office cleaning.

  • Xpress supply a one-off office clean whenever you need it

  • Xpress can clean out your old office as part of your office move

  • Xpress provide an ongoing, consistent office cleaning contract

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