recycleXpress Relocation can ensure that you are not left with the task of arranging to remove the furniture safely from your premises and finding an environmental solution to your problem. Organisations such as schools, charities, community groups and new small business’s can make far better use of it than a landfill site.

old-computersRecycling can help to decrease the amount of rubbish you produce. This is because, even though reusing and recycling products are more environmentally friendly than using raw materials to make new products, these processes do still have an impact on the environment.

ICT Equipment Recycling:
Xpress Relocation Ltd can recycle your redundant computers, servers, laptops, printers, faxes, scanners, plotters and photocopiers, which helps to ensure that the environment is protected. These items have almost 100% recyclable materials. Businesses are responsible under the WEE legislation for financing the disposal of the equipment they dispose of and Xpress Relocation can ensure that you meet these legal requirements.

Monitor Recycling:
UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation prohibits the landfill of computer monitors and requires that they are recycled by licensed specialists who have an Approved Treatment Facility for the recycling of all WEEE. We work in partnership with these specialists and ensure we remove your kit and deliver directly to their site without interruption.

CRT Monitor Recycling:
Cathode Ray Tube monitors are being withdrawn from use throughout the UK. Incorrect disposal of these monitors presents a significant danger to the environment. We ensure we utilise a Approved Treatment Facility which ensures disposal, fully compliant with Environmental Agency requirements.

TFT Monitor Recycling:
Thin Film Transistor monitors are now also classed as hazardous waste and also need to be treated at an Approved Treatment Facility as they contain Mercury which needs to be dealt with by a specialist treatment facility.

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